25 Jun

Woo, I´m tired…Before coming here I never would have believed how mentally and physically exhausting talking and trying to understand another language is. Sometimes I´m so tired I feel like my Spanish is getting worse because I´ll hit a point where I can´t understand ANYTHING, not even hola como estas.

But speaking of understanding, it´s funny to find vocabulary words that your teachers definitely told you meant something different in class…for example I learned that ahora means now, and ahorita means right now. Well when my coworker said we needed to go ahorita, I quickly packed up my stuff and stood up. She looked at me like, whoa dude where´s the fire, and I was like you said ahorita…and in true Colombian fashion she told me that here ahorita means in five minutes, in five hours, whatever. Since then I have learned that there is actually no word here for “right now.” The closest they have translates to “we should have gone already.” Nice.

Speaking of nice I spent all day today lying in a hammock on the porch of my friend Taty´s house watching MTV Latin America, I have now seen a lot of episodes of Quiero mis quinces (The equivalent here of My super sweet 16) I spent the last 2 nights sleeping over at Tatiana´s house because my house here is far away from the center of the city and difficult to return to late at night. I feel kind of like a free loader, but it´s safer this way, and everyone has been so nice! I needed somewhere to sleep on Thursday too, and sleptover at a friend of a friend´s house who I met that night when we went out. The next morning I learned she was 27! But practically everyone here lives with their parents unti they get married. But she was so nice, she cooked me breakfast, walked me to the metro station, hugged me like 5 times and told me to call her if I need anything–including my brother can stay at her house for the 2 weeks he´s here if he has no where to stay…could you be any nicer!? A lot of the people here involved with AIESEC and otherwise that I´ve met are older, I am a baby age-wise but it makes no difference to them…this is a strange concept to me because I always sense lines of age division in the united states.

I went out dancing Thursday and Friday night, where I also LEGALLY tried my first shots of Aguardiente (the local alcohol here). It´s black licorice flavored but I surprisingly liked it. I also loved the music they were playing especially at the first club…and I got to enjoy the song “Que bonita es esta vida” this weekend, which I can now safely say is my favorite song, so conveniently they play it ALL the time here.

Oh, I almost forgot I am now a Colombian National television star twice over. On Thursday Jason and I both got filmed at our work to show us in action and talk about our jobs. They had me working on the computer, and the camera man was like: “pretend to type, I just want to get you working,” he kept flitting back and forth in front of me and then got really close to my face with his camera for a long time. So, I naturally, not thinking he was going to get a screen shot since he hadn´t done any in the first 10 minutes, proceeded to type: “This guy is all UP in my face right now” into the search bar. And naturally, what do you know, he starts swinging around to get a screen shot: excellent. Oh well, he doesn´t know english…but it airs july 3rd and I hope some people who watch it do. (p.s. I heard I´m going to be able to get DVD recordings of these shows befre I leave, score!)

So my weekend was a lot of fun…all accept for that part where my debit card doesn´t work here. All of the ATMs said: need to contact your bank. Which I proceeded to do and wasted all of my phone card on as the woman said, “Yeah, I´m not sure why that´s happening, there´s not really anything I can do.” “Oh, well thank you for those brilliant words of wisdom ma´am as I´m stuck in another country wih the equivalent of 5 US dollars in my wallet.” Bank Lady: “Yeah, you just need to remember to push checking account, because the card isn´t linked to a savings account.” “Yes ma´am, I got it, I´ve navigated a country in a different language, but when I go to their atms I still choose “inglés,” and I´m reading the checking account option just fine as well as pushing the button…that´s not to say that I didn´t push every button on the damn machine just to make sure. And by the way, you´re really good at your job.” I didn´t actually say that last part- but my dad might have because he said he was going to go down to the bank and regulate. I´m fine now because my dad wired money to me Western Union style (thanks dad and cary), but I am still ATM card-less.


4 Responses to “Cansada”

  1. Ariane June 25, 2007 at 6:03 am #

    In the midst of a packing-as-much-as-possible-into-two-suitcases-because-i-leave-tomorrow frenzy, your blog makes me laugh. I love that. 🙂

  2. Peter June 25, 2007 at 11:27 am #

    They told us that in French, bacon is lard. When I asked for it, I got pig tongues. I empathize.Also, fun fact. The french don’t have a word for sexy. So they just say sexy when they want to convey that emotion. Go figure.Sounds like a crazy rockin’ time though, you celebrity. Glad to see you’re doing well!Also, the southern french have a beloved licorice flavored liquor as well, called pastis, but they don’t take it like a shot, they dilute it with water. Apparently America is just way behind on their licorice drinks.

  3. Benjamin June 28, 2007 at 5:38 pm #

    the american licorice drink is jaegermeister. peter, you should know this. i thought you guys were college students. molly, good job on not knowing it. you’re a good girl.

  4. Anonymous April 19, 2009 at 1:58 pm #

    er well i could be bothered to read that all but the words they use for right now is ; ahora mismo, therefore: vete ahora mismo means Leave right now

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