whirlwind adventures

3 Jul

I need to start blogging more often- I get so busy and don´t get the chance, but I don´t want to forget all of the little things that happen to me in between the big ones. (This post will probably be a modpodge (yeah yeah I know it´s hodgepodge, but don´t you just love to decoúpage things-i know deborah does) of all the things I´ve done the past 5 days.

I realized tonight that I´ve become very comfortable with bugs…with no glass panes on the windows they tend to be around like ALL the time. I used to be so afraid of bugs in wisconsin, but here if I have less than 5 (small to medium sized) bugs in my field of vision I am happy…we´ll call that progress. However, that does not mean I was okay with the inch and a half long cockroach that was hanging out in the entry way when I got home tonight. EEEEEEEEK. Cata and I´s screams may have woken the neighbors.

After going out 4 nights in a row (Dad, I´m just trying to mesh with Colombian culture)I discovered my new favorite drink: Caipiriña. I´m not sure exactly what´s all in it, but Ben you will be happy to know that I´ve been told it doesn´t contain girly liquor. It´s limey and oh so delicious.

Night 1: Parque Lleras (where all of the young people in Medellín hang out and drink beer with twice the alcohol called “Brava: viva la noche,” among other things, haha. Here there are also bars that have happy hours lasting the entire night, from what I understand, where you get 3 cocktails for the price of one.

Night 2: Unsuspectingly went to the most strange theater I´ve ever been to. I went with Federico, Jason, and some other friends…Federico invited me because he had been told it was a good theater, he felt so bad afterwards he thought I was going to want to go back to the U.S. The name of the production was “Un beso por Dicki.” (A kiss for Dicki) Let´s just say it was the longest 2.5 hours ever, full of more simultaneous un-plot-furthering nakedness than I ever wanted to see. As you might have guesed from the title, this production included all kinds of hook-ups across and within all genders–which wasn´t the uncomfortable part, the uncomfortable part was that the scenes were done completely naked and graphically in a way that made them seem quite real, i´m still not positive they weren´t. Anyways, I can´t really do this justice here, so ask me about it when I get home because it was one of the most bazaar (bizarre?) experiences of my life-and makes for a funny live story, Marco, a trainee from Mexico, laughed so hard he stated crying for a few minutes. Afterward the theater we went to a bar en el centro that had a cool open roof–still cool even though it was sprinkling for part of the time.

Night 3: Went to Tatiana´s house for an AIESEC party, and this time I got to enjoy her beautiful patio, instead of her beautiful bathroom while being sick, like when I first arrived 2 weeks ago.

Night 4: Went to a place called Las Palmitas that was outdoor and had the most beautiful view of the city. Afterwards we walked across the street to “The Pub” to see a concert of one of the most famous bands ever to come out of Medellín. The concert was really good, I just can´t remember the name of the band right now.

night 5: this one gets a lower case n because it doesn´t really count…but tonight I went to parque lleras again to watch the Colombia vs. Argentina futbol match. I only drank one beer, it was a national beer though and they aren´t very good here…what am I saying, I really just don´t like beer very much. Everytime Jason is like, “You´re from Wisconsin, you should drink more, you should drink beer.” ehhh, well. I did get to meet the new AIESEC EIA trainee from Brazil tonight named Lizzy, she´s really cool!

The past couple days were also amazing, but the most worthy of recognition would be Day 4 because we went paragliding in the mountains! For some reason I wasn´t worried at all on the drive up…but then when we got there and I saw people taking off I was like oh man. I felt a lot better when I had to sign the page long in Spanish contract which they said had an english translation of: if you die, you
can´t sue us, grreeattt. Turns out it was one of the most breathtaking experiences of my life, both figuratively and literaly(at first). From up there the mountains were beautiful, the city looked beautiful, and I saw a really long waterfall! I brought back 2 souveneirs from that day 1: a RED sunburn on my face-didn´t dawn on me to wear sunscreen- didn´t think it was an all day affair, felt cold on the mountain…but HELLO molly you were on a mountain, pretty damn close to the sun. souveneir #2: bruised and cut wrists that were an exlusive gift for me and no other riders…you have to hold on to an area that is underneath the connecting straps of the parachute while you´re taking off…normally these straps fly up right away with the parachute, however the wind at my takeoff time made us conveniently hover in the air with the parachute stretched out behind us, thus the straps had a few minutes to rub vigorously on my arms, niiiice. I liked the trip a lot better than the souveneirs.

My newly acquired sunburn gives Colombians all the more license to shamelessly stare at me for LONG periods of time (world record: for no less than a half hour on the metro, a about 30 year old man situated his face 1.25 feet away from mine and like a champ did not break gaze once) When I look back some will do the polite shifty eyes, like “no I was not just looking at you.” Others acquire a look like, “What, sunburns are very rare here” (CB I hope you got that reference-chickens on land fish in the sea). Others do not care at all.

I am quite loved by the neighbor kids, who apparently ask Cata constantly while I´m out; “Where is the gringa?” They love me because I have taught them essential english phrases like: “My favorite food is a hamburger” (which clearly I tailored to their interests, because we all know that´s not my favorite).

While the neighbor kids are worried about where I am, Cata´s dad is worried about whether or not I have a boyfriend. When I first arrived, “Do you have a boyfriend in the U.S.?” no. The next day, “Do you have a boyfriend in Colombia now?” no. Today, about 4 times, “Do you have a boyfriend? Are you going to get a boyfriend?” Today two of the Do you have a boyfriend questions came 5 minutes apart. Well no sir I don´t have a boyfriend because nothing has changed in the last 5 minutes, but thank you for thinking I have such mad SKILLZ that I would have the ability to acquire one while sitting watching TV and having no contact with the outside world including telephone calls for these last 5 minutes.

¿Qué más?
MUCHO-but I will finish my adventures tomorrow!
chau pues.


6 Responses to “whirlwind adventures”

  1. Alex July 3, 2007 at 12:14 pm #

    Tuna sandwich, thirteen dollars. Your life sounds action packed and amazing. I’m excited to hear all these stories live/ see your pictures.

  2. SarahEliz July 3, 2007 at 12:31 pm #

    Caipiriña = Brazilian cocktail mixed with Cachaca, limes, and sugar. DELICIOUS.Give Lizi a hug for me, and one to all my favorite gringo trainees as well! miss you guys, xoxo

  3. Benjamin July 3, 2007 at 7:06 pm #

    zero, nothing, whatever the system is… commence countdown, t-minus 35ish days

  4. Ariane July 3, 2007 at 9:01 pm #

    Ooh Caipirina! Even better than spotted cow in my book…Keep making me laugh, babe! I miss you.

  5. Carybeth July 3, 2007 at 9:30 pm #

    umm alex wrote exactly what i was going to write. too bad i’m not in colombia to be sunburned with you. 🙂 it sounds like you are having all sorts of fun adventures! and i laughed so hard reading about your mad boyfriend-acquiring skills. haha. alright love, call me sometime soon if you ever figure out skype because i miss you mucho.

  6. jess July 4, 2007 at 4:52 pm #

    you’re my blogging idol. I’m linking my blog to yours so people can read your amazing descriptions while i try to stumble through mine. I can’t wait to have some crazy adventures with you in Medellin. I’m arriving today!

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