Cell Phone Etiquette

4 Jul

The more accurate title would probably be, “Cell phone non-etiquette,” because it absolutely does not exist here. People answer their cell phones here at what would be perceived as the most inappropriate of times in the United States. Yesterday, when in a conference with peace NGOs from around Latin America, the cell phone of a woman began to ring during a presentation. I started panicking a little bit for her thinking, “Man she must be embarassed right now.” She searched frantically for her phone to turn it off, right? WRONG. She searched frantically for her phone to ANSWER it, and then proceeded to talk on it for at least 30 seconds in a normal voice before exiting the room, while this other woman was giving a presentation.

On another note, the family I live with moved yesterday, and I moved along with them. I am glad because we moved to the neighborhood Estadio, which means absolutely nothing to you, but it is SO much closer to all of my friends and basically, everything. The metro is basically one line in Medellìn, and I used to live in Bello which was the second to last stop. Estadio is basically in the center of the metro line and only requires one small transfer. The only downfall of the new house: there is no hot water, none, and there´s probably not going to be any ever. So this morning my shower consisted of me turning the water on putting only my hair in, turning the water off, shampooing, turning the water on to rinse, turning the water off, repeating with conditioner. This process was accompanied by me making little crying noises (haha, alex knows which ones I’m talking about–the ones that I made the entire time I had hives, haha sorry about that by the way) because this water wasn’t just not hot, it felt like it was refrigerated prior to being shot out in one solid stream from the wall. I think my body made a cameo appearance in the shower for all of .2 seconds. Would we call that clean? Claro.

Just a heads up to all of my friends in Medellìn, there’s a good chance I am going to start mooching hot showers off of you ASAP.

p.s. things I think are funny I had to come all the way to Medellin to do:
1. Move houses- I’ve lived in good ol waukesha my whole life, and I don’t think moving into a dorm really counts, so yesterday was my first moving experience
2. Attending a national AIESEC conference- I don’t think it’s weird that I’m going, because I am so excited (going to Manizales on Sunday for a week)! It’s just that my first national conference is in a nation that’s not my own, how cool is that?


2 Responses to “Cell Phone Etiquette”

  1. SarahEliz July 4, 2007 at 8:28 pm #

    I’m so glad to hear that you moved!!!! Sounds MUCH better than Bello. miss you chica, hope you are still living the dream 🙂

  2. Alex July 4, 2007 at 9:11 pm #

    Oh yes, I know those sounds well. Hive not forgotten. Hive also not gotten sick of saying hive.

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