The Morning of Misadventure

25 Jul

I don’t remember when it all started, but I think it was around approximately 4:30 AM (I, only having gone to bed 4 hours previous, really just wanted to sleep) However, uncle Ramiro’s alarm clockS (that is correct 2) wanted otherwise. Two alarm clocks, clearly he’s had trouble waking up in the past, and today was no different, as they were going off for no less than 14 minutes. These 2 alarm clocks had an almost identical beep, Almost, the almost contributed to an awesome disharmony that wasn’t exactly conducive to sleeping. At 14 minutes I’d had enough and got out of my bed to turn them off myself.

Soon enough, not only was uncle Ramiro awake, papa Antonio was also awake…and they decided that this early hour would be a good time to have a disagreement…granted everyone here while just talking regularly talk REALLY loud, so it was only magnified during the disagreement.

Next, randomly and I’m not sure from where, a bowl of cat food appeared on the bedside table right next to my head. And when I say right, I mean directly next to my head. I had the privilege to be so close because I share a bed with Cata, and Cata’s a snuggler while she sleeps. The “I’m gonna snuggle you into this side 8 inches of the bed and then put my face really close to your body so you couldn’t turn over if you wanted to” kind of snuggler. So the cat relocated from my stomach to my pillow to eat perhaps the hardest food in the world, (or she’s just a really loud chewer) for the next 7 minutes.

Shortly after this, the yappity dog decided it would be a good time to play a game of “I’m going to see if I can really loudly make an echo for my own barks.” Luckily, about 5 minutes into this shenanigan she realized it was nearly impossible, and if it were, it would be a neverending game. Thank you, Luna.

This somehow brings us to 8: 15, when my alarm started going off. I got up to go shower, but .2 seconds before stepping in vetoed that process because it was too damn cold to take a cold shower. Did a once-over in the mirror before I left and decided that the morning shower process will be reinstated, active: immediately. Already looking really charming from my lack of shower…I think the musty smelling clothes I put on really sealed the deal. (I elected 4 days ago to have my wash done….it rained and was humid for the following 3 days, thus my clothes stayed in a constant state of wetness for 72 hours. Now, all of my clothes, and as a result my room, smells bad…and I don’t think I’m allowed to re-wash them. It was a brilliant morning.

In other news: I saw the new HP movie last night! Which I actually really liked (I don’t know what your problem is CB). I got a ride home from a guy named Edwin who was born in Colombia but left when he was 2 and grew up in Miami. He has dual citizenship and has been back for the past 8 monthes teaching english; he’s currently trying to decide whether he wants to stay or leave. He offered an interesting perspective as we swapped commentary on cultural differences, etc. between the United States and Colombia. He said his life here feels really complete, but that he was expecting to come and feel like he was missing a lot, whether it be material, emotional, etc. But that he doesn’t feel like he’s missing anything besides his family. We talked about how things in the United States are very much so material oriented, and you don’t even notice it that much until you leave the country and are living somewhere else…things in Colombia are very in the moment and right now oriented, there is also a lot of importance placed on personal relationships. The conclusion we came to was that things are just very different here and there, and hard to compare. He said he could live the rest of his life in Colombia, or the rest of his life in the U.S. and really enjoy both, but that doesn’t mean they wouldn’t be COMPLETELY different.

Still, it was nice to be able to talk to, and listen to the radio of, an estadounidense. I’m starting to miss my family, friends, and culver’s grilled cheese sandwiches a little bit. I reminisced of the states when we rocked out to The Fray “Over my Head.” I was truly reminded I was in another place when Bright Eyes “Bowl of Oranges” came on his ipod…as that song won’t be making the Colombia Top 40 list any time soon. Heck, I don’t think that song even has a chance of making the American Top 40 list any time soon. (But that doesn’t mean I don’t love it.)

paz y amor amigos!


One Response to “The Morning of Misadventure”

  1. Alex July 26, 2007 at 9:04 pm #

    Aaaannnndd i just laughed out loud at your description of Cata’s snuggling. My alone laugh, and I’m at work. Now I’m embarassed, since I know from you that my alone laugh is creepy.

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