3 Aug

So, our cat Lupe Fiasco, has a problem: she poops in the shower. So to avoid this situation we started closing all of the bathroom doors, obviously. Anyways, before this I never really was one to lock bathroom doors…I mean it’s a closed door, take it for what it is and don’t go in. This posed a problem, seeing as now all of our bathroom doors in our house here were shut all the time, so you never could tell. Anyways, I had to learn to start locking, but I still don’t lock it if I’m just brushing my hair, teeth, arreglando, etc. However, every time the dad of mi casa would walk in on me brushing my hair (just for clarification: I was fully clothed) or anything, he would lecture me about how I need to lock it, and proceed to demonstrate how to close the door and lock it for the next 5 minutes, he was very serious about this topic. Sometimes he gave me the lecture and demonstrationg unprovoked, while I was watching TV or something, since it’s across the hall from the bathroom, naturally it’s a good time to remind me, no?

Anyways, this morning Mr. Antonio Salazar forgot to lock the bathroom door. For so long I would knock on the door, and very slowly open it. But after so many lectures, (I figured he’s gotten to everyone in the house) I just flung the door open, counting on the fact that it would be locked if someone was in it. However, it seems Antonio forgot to lecture himself, because he didn’t lock the door! I definitely saw way more than I bargained for, and did one of those shrieks/gasps that you have no control over and have no idea is coming, it’s just a reflex, so it always sounds really weird. Well, anyways, I thought about waiting outside the door for him in order to lecture him about what he’d just done, and teach him how to close and lock the door. But I refrained…there’s a good chance that would’ve been only slightly awkward.

In other news: Feria de las Flores is starting this weekend! It’s a huge festival that draws people from all over Colombia and the world. It’s a website from 2004–but I figured you’d get the idea better from that because it’s in english, rather than the updated spanish versions!

I saw my first large group of foreigners this morning as I was getting on the Metro for work. It was quite obvious as about 10 of them stood in a group, all with their own maps out, looking very confused. In my head I cackled and said, “I may be a gringa, but I already know my way around, suckers!”

In fact, I’m such a stellar gringa that yesterday I gave a woman directions successfully in Spanish, and she approached me for the directions! I still can’t decide whether it’s a little game people like to play with me or what, but people always ask me for directions, information, the time, everything…and I’m sure I probably look like the least capable person of speaking Spanish for blocks. Sometimes I think the people are more interested to see if I can speak at all than what time it is, oh well, I’m successful maybe 68% of the time (that’s a rough estimate)

oh, and just for clarification, in case anyone doesn’t know what a gringa is: It’s used for foreigners. Some people say it’s only for people from the United States, others say it’s for any foreigners. Most people here say it doesn’t have a negative connotation…but in a lot of Spanish speaking countries it definitely has a negative connotation.

ok, paz afuera amigos! (that’s the spanish version of peace out, I don’t think it works as well)


4 Responses to “Fiasco”

  1. Alex August 5, 2007 at 7:11 am #

    Well, that just raised the bar on awkward. Also I’d like you to know that every time I read the name “Lupe” in your blog, in my head I heard it said by the mom on Arrested Development, in an angry voice.

  2. Anonymous August 7, 2007 at 3:13 am #

    Hey Molly, that was funny, Maybe your best. Ben is coming down and is excited to see Colombia. See u in less than a month. dad

  3. SarahEliz August 8, 2007 at 3:05 am #

    I bet you are on the coast right now, and if not that you are leaving very soon and that makes me incredibly jealous. Chicago isn’t nearly as cool. Hope the trainee weekend was crazy. Keep sending us fabulous stories!

  4. Anonymous August 8, 2007 at 2:04 pm #

    Hi Molly, I just got a chance to catch up on your last couple blogs- I gotta say, I laugh when your dad signs his e-mails with his full name. Kinda like, if Ben signed it with his last name. Your blogs are so funny! Looking forward to seeing you when you come back!have fun with Benjamin! hugs, Aunt Joani

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