yeah…about that

16 Aug

well here’s something I wasn’t expecting…I became an illegal citizen in Colombia as of Sunday. When all of my Colombian friends here hear this they think it is quite funny. My friend Will said, “Wait, so you came from the United States to Colombia, and now you’re here and you’re here illegally.” Yup, you got it right on the button. Then he chuckled very loudly, and said, “That is really funny.”

When I got here they stamped a miniscule entry stamp, and within this little centimeter by 2 stamp it says that my visa here only is for 60 days. I don’t know why this happened, because in every book I’ve ever read, and on both consulate websites you are automatically granted a 90 day tourist visa upon entry. This was supposed to be fine because we’re just here basically volunteering, for less than 90 days. Anyways, Jason and I’s visas were only good for 60 days, so now we have to do all of this stuff like get little pictures taken on white backgrounds, make copies of our passport photos, passport stamps, exit airline tickets, proof letters of what we were doing from AIESEC and our employers, pay a fee (which the AIESEC here is paying because it wasn’t our fault) etc. etc. and have a meeting with the DAS (which is normally where Colombians have to go in order to obtain documents to travel to surrounding countries confirming that they are not felons) Now, I have to cut my coastal vacation short by 2 days. Needless to say I was a little upset when I first found out, and sometimes it’s okay to yell naughty english words in the colombian streets because they don’t understand anyways.

I asked what would happen if we just stayed in the coast and didn’t go to the appointment…they told me we’d get deported…I said deported where?…they said the U.S. ..and I said well yeah that’s where I’m aiming to end up anyways.

But apparently if I choose that route I will never be allowed in Colombia again, so I’m going to the meeting. I’m going to the meeting and I have to pretend like I don’t know any Spanish, because if you know Spanish they take you alone in a room and probably pseudo-interrogate you. But if I don’t “know” Spanish I get to have my little friend Hoyitos do all of the talking for me, and she’ll talk for Jason too, I guess so our stories match up perfectly? I mean we don’t really have anything to hide.

We went to the DAS office yesterday to schedule an appointment, and I had to start the acting. I felt bad as I had to whisper chau gracias to the cab driver. I couldn’t pull off not speaking the language, I think I probably seemed more deaf than anything, as when the guy said me prestas tu celular (sounds like sell-oo-lar) I stared at him blankly (you know since I don’t know any spanish) I turned to Andrea and said, what? haha, later I realized that even to the non spanish-speaker celular probably pretty clearly translates to cellular. haha I’ll have to work on my acting, just can’t turn it off and turn it on like that.

Maybe I should keep my acting how it is, because if I honestly got anymore famous I don’t think I could handle it, haha jk. But I forgot to include that I interviewed on TeleMedellin last week…and a woman came today who wants to interview me and others for a program about the importance of speaking more than one language….haha I was like would you call what I do in Spanish speaking? but oh well, at least I try. But anyways, the interview’s on Saturday and I’m going to be on the coast.

Well, the first half of my post sounds shady mcshaderson…but fear not, I don’t think it’s actually too shady, I mean kind of…but I should be able to leave the country, fingers crossed! Dad/CB don’t cry when you read this, it will be okay.


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