La Costa

23 Aug

Just got back from the coast: it was glorious being in the sun and on the beach; sad we had to cut it a few days short. We went to Cartagena, Santa Marta (Taganga), and Tayrona National Park. Today I´m not feeling so hot because I drank the water in Taganga when I probably shouldn´t have…but because I made so many trips to the bathroom on our 15 hour bus ride I did discover that the security rail had a core made out of black light-glowstick…so everytime I went in the bathroom it was like my own little personal rave.

other things I liked from the coast:
-sitting on the old walls of cartagena, watching little kids play soccer
-meeting up with Eduardo an AIESECer from Cartagena and their trainee from Holland
-sitting in a bar that was playing gloriously bad 80´s and 90´s songs while projecting their videos onto the wall, all of the Estadounidenses were very entertained by this, the trainee from Holland kept saying: “Let´s go to a party place.” (with the accent of Heimlich, the caterpillar from A Bug´s Life)
-Going to Tutuomo, a mud volcano, you go swimming in it, and it is honestly one of the most bizarre densities that I have ever felt, you couldn´t drown in it if you wanted to
-Andres, the guy who drove us to the mud volcano, calling me “casi paisa,” which means almost from the region of Antioquia (Medellin), which is certainly an improvement from the gringa and a half bidding I got when I first arrived.
-The man in cartagena walking around with a scale, asking for money if he weighed them. He came over by us and I assured him in Spanish, that Jason, Ben, and I all already knew that we were quite big…he laughed every time he walked past us after that.
-Ridiculous bartering that went on with the street vendors, Jason convinced a man to sell his bracelets 10 for 10 mil with no intention of actually buying them.
-The man that Jason and Ben bought cigars from they bargained with for like 15 minutes, when he finally closed the a semi-good deal, he said, “Good thing you brought your friend along (me), I gave you the deal since she´s so cool.” hahaha
-Getting to Taganga and finding out that all the hostels were full so we had to sleep 3 across 2 mattresses pushed together in the office of the hostel Techos Azules.
-Finding a little scorpion in our room the last morning at Techos Azules
-Sleeping outside in hammocks in Tayrona
-Tayrona being the most beautiful beach I have ever seen
-Swimming in the Caribbean for the first time
-The creepy man in Taganga who would inexplicably pop up EVERYWHERE we were…we saw him like 5 times the first night we were there
-Feeling extremely dirty, and legitimately being so, and talking to the man next to me on the bus when he told me, “Stay here 5 years, we call this clean.”
-The man on the beach in Taganga who told both Ben and I, “Let me rub this coconut oil on you, it´s so good it will turn you Black in 3 monthes.”

I might be forgetting some things, but that´s all for now…I can´t believe I´ll be home in 5 days.


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