21 Dec

As MP reminded me, never stop questioning.

I don’t think I actually ever forgot this, because anyone who knows me also knows that I ask approximately 1 trillion questions every 2.4 years, or something like that.

One thing I do need to remember is: to reexamine. I have a tendency to ask everyone a ton of questions, but I realize that’s really no good unless I’m questioning myself, reexamining my morals, my self-interest, what I believe, what I stand for, my actions, who I interact with, and my honesty to myself and to others.

I know some people who are applying for jobs, so I’m going to wrap my advice into a real world example (feel free to keep reading if you are already employed, because remember: always reexamine)

If a person is lucky, they get to work a job that they feel really passionate about. Most likely this indicates that they feel like their personal values are reflected in the mission of the company. Ideally, they feel that with their job they are contributing to the betterment of the world, even if on a small scale, or at the very least not causing the world damage.

So, this scenario is of course under the most ideal, lucky of terms. So this cannot take into account people who are working for huge paychecks, etc.–because clearly they’re violating the first condition, by not being motivated primarily by passion, for their job.

So how does this happen in an organization whose mission is: To improve lives by mobilizing the caring power of communities. Especially, since these are not isolated incidents within just this one organization, nor in the world.

I don’t doubt that these people started out with the best of intentions, but obviously became disillusioned in their own personal mission, and how that connected with the mission of their organization, somewhere along the line. And there is no justification for that type of dishonesty, even if someone tries to justify it as: “I’m working for an organization that’s improving the world, so it’s okay if I cut a few corners here and there.”

That’s why every day I, and everyone, need to reexamine themselves, “Is the work I’m doing, are the actions I’m taking, still a reflection of my personal mission statement, am I accomplishing what I want and need to in an honest way? Should I still be doing the work I am doing, or do I need to move on to something that more accurately aligns with my personal mission statement?”

I think it’s pretty easy to become a watered down version of the person you once were if you keep doing work that doesn’t match up with who you are, for too long.

In closing, always reexamine yourself in order to stay what you are, as long as that’s what is still right for you. And always stand up for what you believe in, because if you don’t, who will?


One Response to “Reexamine”

  1. eric mata January 3, 2008 at 3:56 pm #

    this is something that i struggle with a lot…more so in the past 6 months or so. and it wasn’t until a good friend of mine brought it to my attention. especially considering the type of work i do, it’s so easy to stay in question-asking mode. i’ve had to learn the hard way that asking questions doesn’t always mean i’m engaging in a conversation. so i have to be really conscious about it.the other thing i’ve learned through this process is that most times, there is something behind my questions. and i’ve had to come to learn how to just say what’s behind the question. it’s hard sometimes. especially when we use questioning as a way of disagreeing.anyway…thanks…

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