I wish I was under the Colombian sun

24 Jan

Because 1. That would mean that I would be warm right now. (Our family room is a frozen tundra, I also feel bad for my one roommate whose bedroom is also a frozen tundra. It’s a frozen tundra outside, so there just seems to be no escaping it.)

and 2. That would mean I would be speaking Spanish right now. I can feel my Spanish slowly slipping, the longer I’m away…it takes me a split second longer to remember some obscure vocab…and I’ve started saying “um” while speaking Spanish, instead of “ehh” which is the Spanish equivalent.

It would be really wonderful if UW-Madison decided to open up some more Spanish classes, so I could actually take one. There have been none open since I registered in November…and I have the pre-requisites that would allow me to take 3 different classes, c’mon now.

I did actually manage to hold a conversation/meeting with a native Guatemalan today for about 45 minutes. I only had to say “que que” once. haha. I’m supposed to be doing work with a community organization on their Spanish programming this summer…which I’m really excited about, but that whole little thing is kind of contingent on me actually being able to speak.

entonces, quien quiere practicar espanol conmigo? Alguien sabe algo sobre la mesa de conversacion q estaba en Memorial Union el semestre pasado?


2 Responses to “I wish I was under the Colombian sun”

  1. Sara January 24, 2008 at 11:51 pm #

    siiii yo quiero practicar contigo! quiza podemos hacer una hora cada semana?

  2. Katy January 25, 2008 at 5:29 am #

    si si chicas, quiero tambien- y molly creo q la mesa de conversacion esta en Rathskellar en mircoles a las 5 hasta las 7 (q lastima no?)pues…nos hablamos pronto- no te preocupes!

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