The Wisconsin Idea

19 Feb


I finally finished my proposal right before I had to leave for the AIESEC conference this last weekend.

I had to submit a full proposal, budget, etc. but here’s the abstract for my proposal:

With the recent growth of the Latino population in Dane County, numerous community concerns about the quality of life have been brought to the forefront. This project, “Building Leadership Capacity in the Latino Community through Grassroots Organizing,” is a collaboration between El Programa de Liderazgo Comunitario and their parent program, Grassroots Leadership College; a UW-Madison professor in Human Development and Family Studies; and myself. El Programa de Liderazgo reaches out to Latinos in Dane County by providing them with grassroots organizing training. This program trains community organizers in the Latino community to act on their concerns through their own means. This project will address a request from GLC to strengthen their Spanish language programming by conducting a formative evaluation of their program and curriculum. This will be accomplished by reviewing program materials and conducting indepth interviews with past program participants, organizers and facilitators, and Latino community leaders. The research will also include a literature review of leadership models used in Latin America. A final report including recommendations supported by the data will be provided to GLC. The strengthening of this program will expand the mission of GLC: “Everyone a learner, everyone a teacher, everyone a leader.”

It would be pretty sweet if I got it because I could use my Spanish, participate in their grassroots organizing training program….and the professor told me I would have to buy transcribing software that includes a foot pedal you hook up to your computer that starts and stops the recordings, so your hands can be typing all the time.

A transcribing foot pedal that hooks up to your computer….now that’s pretty B.A.


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