good kind of tired

21 Apr

Finally finished up the youth conference at about 6:30pm…we didn’t have as good of a turnout as we hoped for, but still more than 60 people showed up (according to the students it was the fact that it was a sunday, it was beautiful outside, and it was 4/20) But we had some really solid workshops (A graffiti workshop on Library Mall, anyone see that as they walked past?).

Near the end of the day a man and woman were walking through Grainger and asked me where the “Cuba Libre” movie showing was. The man said “Cuba Libre” in what I was first going to describe as a “thick” Spanish accent, but more accurately would be called a “correct” Spanish accent. But before I could even answer he looked at me and said “Oh,” and then re-pronounced “Cuba Libre” in an extreme over consonant-ed, over pronounced, over americanized accent. I was tempted to respond in Spanish, but never really know if people will think I’m being an ass for that action, when all it really is is that I love the Spanish language, and that I wish the way I looked told people I understood them the first time they pronounced it.

Now it’s 10:15, and I think I’m going to hit the hay, setting the record for the earliest time this school year.


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