Feel the Rain on your Skin

30 Apr

Today I had to give a 15 minute presentation in my Management of Nonprofits class.

At about minute 9 I felt like I had been saying “um” a lot, so I went ahead and told the class, “I feel like I’ve been saying ‘um’ a lot, I’m going to stop that.”

I soon could concentrate on nothing else besides the “Ums” and I ended up saying (quietly-ish) “Dammit.” But my professor heard me so I said dammit again in response to her hearing me.

Whoops. What not to do while you’re public speaking.

On the break I told her sorry for saying dammit in her class, haha. She told me it was okay because one time she said “shit.” She also told me that I wasn’t saying “um” that much at all, and she didn’t notice anything until I pointed it out. Excelllllllent.

In other news, yesterday was my last official class for the History of Consumerism, so our professor gave us a little half hour presentation on life advice and things he’s learned along the way. It was cute, and totally something I would do. However, it was quite hard to hold in my laugh as he closed it out with this song (mouthing the words, tapping his pencil, and everything):


One Response to “Feel the Rain on your Skin”

  1. Meena Zia April 30, 2008 at 8:00 pm #

    I love that songDon’t worry bacham, if you were always eloquent and articulate I don’t think I would be your friend 🙂

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