que hotdog

26 Jun

I have been lucky enough to spend all of the afternoons this week at a different MSCR day camp site until Safety Town gets started in the afternoons. This means that I’ve spent my time playing with an entire class of pre-K hispanohablantes.

I tried to make friends with them by dropping compliments like your shoes are so cool, que cheveres tus zapatos. Only to be greeted with an inquisitive/confused look every time. I was wondering why my compliments were not succeeding when I suddenly recalled that “chevere” might be just a colombian word. I double checked with my guatemalan friend who informed me that it was only colombian, and sometimes used in chile. “In some places chevere actually means hot dog.” Oh.

No wonder I was getting weird looks…”what hot dog shoes you have.” I love my colombian slang but I need to start being able to distinguish between it and widely known spanish.

Hot dog shoes or not, I knew I had triumphed today while working when someone asked me, “Wait, you can speak english, right?”


2 Responses to “que hotdog”

  1. Teresa June 27, 2008 at 12:19 am #

    We need to start speaking in Spanish to each otherrrrrr.

  2. Katy June 27, 2008 at 2:32 am #

    ahahah i totalllllly realte chica!!! :)on my way from the airport on my reception night arriving in Guate, I wanted to say…HOW COOL!! I hesitated knowing that theres got to be more than one way to say it…and said…que chevere. The car all turned to me and said, never say that again. ahahha(they say, Que cool!!(i know!)misss you!

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