30 Jul

Not the topic of my post, but a great childhood toy, no? I think that’s where the saying “I’m playing for keeps,” originates from.

Today I’m talking to my dad on the phone and he says, “So I read that book called ‘Twilight,’ the one about the girl in love with the vampire, you know? Have you read it yet?”

Uh, no. I had no idea what it was until my 25 year old first grade teacher sister called me squealing with delight about Edward the vampire.

My dad: I don’t know, it held my attention and I just kept reading and reading, and it went so fast.

Molly: Um, it probably went so fast because it was written for thirteen year old girls.

My dad: Yeah, maybe…I finished the first one and Emily wanted me to read the second, but I said, “How much can you really read about one girl loving a vampire?” But then Emily told me that Edward wasn’t even in the second novel very much, so I said “okay.”

Here’s to mi padre starting Twilight part 2. You’re awesome.


3 Responses to “POGS”

  1. Meena Zia July 30, 2008 at 6:17 pm #

    Ok that’t it, Arec Baldwin is the 4th least likely person to tell me Twilight is really good, so even though I think the story line is creepy/retarded, I think I am going to read it.That’s Arec, you are a champ

  2. Teresa July 30, 2008 at 7:42 pm #

    1. POGS fucking ruled2. I saw the 4th book in the Twlight series as #1 on Amazon’s Top 10. The other 3 appeared further down the list, adding to my confusion. Glad to hear they might actually be quality?

  3. Emily August 3, 2008 at 3:13 pm #

    As the 25 year old, first grade teacher sister, I felt the need to speak out. When I first heard about Twilight I thought, “No way, I don’t do the vampire thing” But I finally gave in and gave it a try. I couldn’t put it down and have been reading through the series. I DID NOT stand in line at midnight on Friday to get the fourth one, but I did get it on Sat. morning. 🙂 Read it! 🙂

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