Enough about me. Let’s talk about my blog.

11 Jan

Does anyone else feel super geeky referring to their blog (or someone else’s) in conversation? I generally don’t (because I suppose that’s the whole point), but I do a bit when I’m inclined to say, “Eh, I could tell you the story, but maybe you should just read it in my blog.”


3 Responses to “Enough about me. Let’s talk about my blog.”

  1. Teresa January 12, 2009 at 7:43 pm #

    I’m buying you that shirt.

  2. Tommy Atwell January 12, 2009 at 10:29 pm #

    Molly. podemos hablar en espanol juntos en agusto (august?) pero ahora, no puedo entiendre su comments en mi blog. buenas suerte – que quiere decir? I don’t speak spanish yet!Also, apologies for leaving you out of the looking at the southern cross section of my blog. gah!

  3. Tommy Atwell January 14, 2009 at 3:49 am #

    hahah actually vayas was one thing I knew! except in the Dr they just say que te vaya bien…they drop consonants, especially s….mysteriously like chileans.good luck my friend.

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