18 Feb


I´m at the internet cafe again without much time, so this is going to be quick, perhaps a numbered list? (Once I start regular classes I will have easier access to internet on campus and I can provide all of the deets that Carybeth and Teresa demand- perhaps in email addendums so I don´t bore the rest of you!)

1. Santiago´s pretty fabulous at this time of year, the weather´s great, it only gets sweatily hot for a bit.  But here the sun isn´t in full force until about 3pm and then doesn´t set until at least 9pm.  It seems even the sun has adjusted to the South American lifestyle, everything just a little bit slower, a little bit later…for those of you who know me, you know that this does not bother me at all.  Cary and Emily are probably just worried that I will move around more like a turtle by the time I get home.

2.  There are lots of little mountain hills that just spring out of seemingly nowhere.  Climbed a fabulous one yesterday, Cerro Santa Lucia, that had a 360 degree gorgeous view of the surrounding Andes.  Apparently the smog gets so bad during the winter you can only see the Andes after it rains, so I have to take advantage of if while I can.

3. Walked all around the city after class yesterday and today where I have realized that Chileans do not move out of the way on the sidewalk for anyone, perhaps they intentionally barricade the entire sidewalk by walking Super Lento!  That seems to be the only thing they´re doing with intention because sometimes they just drift forward, sideways, backwards, any direction at all as if they may be going no where, and they don´t really mind.  I don´t really mind either, except for the fact that they generally cut me off, which causes me to cut someone else off.  Even with this walking obstacle course I still made it to the Museo Nacional del Arte Precolombino where I saw mummies that were mummified thousands of years before the ones in Egypt!  Super Interesante!

4. I started my Intensive Spanish class this week.  It´s mainly conversational, so a bit easy for me, but I don´t mind because I´m learning some new Chilean vocabulary.  Chilean Spanish includes a lot of non-Spanish words from the Mapuche language and other places, which is cool, but very difficult when hearing new words and trying to figure out how to pronounce or spell them.

5.  I think I´m heading to the coast again this weekend, but this time to Vina del Mar and Valparaiso!

Entonces, I´ll write more soon, Cachai? (Me entiendes, do you understand?) 🙂


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