My First Day of Class…

6 Mar

Had about a 50% success rate.

My first class was called Latin American and Contemporary Cinema, sounds cool right?  Definitely not the case.

First, I had to adjust to the entirely different class environment which included cell phones ringing, class starting late, students talking loudly in groups even after the prof started teaching, students entering up to 45 minutes late or getting up and leaving early, doors opening and shutting, some sort of alarm going off outside, the bell tower ringing, sounds of buildings being knocked down?- I looked around with alarm at this one, while no one else batted an eyelash.

Once I overcame these environmental factors I was met with a professor who was almost 70, a mumbler, and an extremely quiet talker!  It did not help that he had no sort of visual aids besides the few names he wrote on the wipe board behind him that he would then proceed to box or draw arrows to seemingly arbitrarily.  Perhaps these boxes and arrows really gave a whole new meaning to the class, but I missed it somewhere among the mumble jumble.  I’m sure this man is a good person [about every ten minutes his eyes would twinkle and he would sort of smile to himself in a way that I could tell he loved cinematography] but he was speaking with no real organization, he didn’t have an outline or anything, it seemed as if he was just saying whatever popped into his head.  Even TED lecturers [in my opinion, some of the best speeches in the world!] use visual aids and have some sort of outline.

While I won’t be going back to that class (we’re still in a trial period of our classes and are free to swap around), I LOVED the next class I went to: Proyectos Publicos or Public Projects.  It’s the Chilean equivalent of a service learning course where we get paired with agencies in Santiago to work on a real issue!  Past projects have included increasing tourism to Santiago, creating an equivalent to Teach for America in Chile, and creating a recycling and composting program for a Comuna outside of Santiago.  All of the projects involve meetings with clients and possible off site travel.  I am the only foreigner in this class besides one girl from Brazil who isn’t positive she’s going to take the class.  It will be good for me, but my Spanish is definitely going to get a work out.

My first day of classes concluded with a Rave type event, but with lots of reggaeton, and sponsored by my university on one of their campuses (there are 4)  Super raro!

Anywho, we got internet, but there is only one internet device shared amongst 5 people…entonces I may have to take up middle of the night interneting [like I’m doing right now].

I’m super excited because I’m going to see my friend Chris outside of Valdivia next weekend!


3 Responses to “My First Day of Class…”

  1. kristen March 6, 2009 at 8:12 pm #

    I laughed so hard at your blog that I choked on a mushroom and it’s still kind of lodged in my throat. I have learned my lesson about catching up on your travels during my lunch.

  2. John Fink March 7, 2009 at 7:36 pm #

    Sorry that you had such a traumatic experience in one of your classes, I can only imagine how many ASOs would be written about those cell phoners, alarm ringers, and early leavers if it was at UW-Madison.

    Proyectos Publicos sounds amazing- horay for service learning, that is what you are all about!

    I wish UW-Madison had Raves during Welcome Week, the closest thing here is Mad Ave.. ewww

    also, thanks for reminding me about TED lectures, it really helps my procrastination efforts

  3. Teresa March 7, 2009 at 7:39 pm #

    That classroom environment doesn’t sound like it’d mesh well with your ADD. Just imagine trying to TEACH while all that is going on…It’s a blast.


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