11 Mar

My internet is functioning at a grueling pace with meager rations today, so I must post pictures!  I can’t guarantee that tomorrow the internet won’t get dysentery and die, but let’s hope it’s one of those “more meat than you can carry” kind of days.  There’s actually a high probability that we’ll just get kicked off the trail all together [the internet hasn’t been working on my roomie’s computers and is super slow on mine, which means the great search for the internets will once again commence]

VinaYes, the beach in Vina del Mar was this crowded.

PottingSuch precision…errr.  Thanks, coach master pot thrower. [Pomaire, Chile]

Wine CellarLisa and I in the wine cellar at Alpurraga VineyardRosesI’m sorry this picture is sideways…the point is that at the end of every row of grapes they grow roses!  They used to do it because flowers are more delicate than grapes so they would signal if anything was wrong with the plants before the grapes would– a monitoring system if you will.  Today, with the development of more advanced monitoring systems, they’ve continued to grow the flowers as a tradition/decoration.

ValparaisoValparaiso por la noche

Pie de LimonLisa and I made this pie for the going away party of my roommate from New York…we got a standing ovation for it which was unexpected.  This pie was supposed to be a Key lime pie, then we got to the store to find out they don’t sell limes [limes were equally difficult to come by in Colombia], or graham crackers for the crust…but with a little improvisation and a lot of love we had mucho exito.


3 Responses to “Fotos!”

  1. carybeth March 11, 2009 at 5:01 pm #

    1. I’m loving this obscene amount of blog updates.

    2. I’m glad you took a page out of emily’s book and used your tounge for concentration while making a pot. hahaha i’m such a mean person. love you em. 🙂

  2. Emily March 11, 2009 at 9:11 pm #

    1. carybeth is a mean person.

    2. sticking out your tongue adds major focus…as can be seen in the amazing pot you are throwing in the picture.

    3. holy tan. are you that tan or are your legs dirty in the wine cellar picture? the wind chill was below zero this morning, otherwise my legs would definitely look that tan too…

  3. Joan March 12, 2009 at 4:14 am #

    I LOVE the pictures, Molly.
    hugs, aunt Joani
    ps- Carebear, be nice to your sisters!

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