This sounds…is promising the word I’m looking for?

11 Mar

In an email from Chris:

Can we say 1pm in the fish market by the river?

you get off the bus you’ll be about a block south of one of the rivers. When you walk out of the main entrance of the bus station, look to your right and you ought to see it. If you don’t see it, just ask someone. If you go to the river there is a nice path you can head west on (towards what is pretty obviously the main part of the city). The river, and thus the path, eventually curves south (to your left) and you’ll see a big bridge and the warf and the fish market…. Wow, okay so that is really specific and sounds complicated but I swear it isn’t. You’ll have plenty of time, so if worse comes to worse just wander around. The plaza is pretty decent and there are plenty of artesian stands (a block from the fish market there is a three story bizar loaded with knicknacks).

Just in case: If it’s 2pm and I haven’t turned up yet, I’ll meet you in front of the “Banco de Chile” in the plaza at 2:15pm. In case I never show up: find a collectivo, or the bus, to Niebla and get off at la lancha. Take the ferry across to Chorral and order a caldillo de mariscos at the little restaurant across the street from where the ferry drops you. If worse comes to worse comes to worse… at least you’ll be enjoying the best damn caldillo de mariscos I have encountered yet.

In all honesty though, I’ll be shocked if you don’t find me waiting for you in the fish market

Of course this sounds promising, it’s Chris.

It will probably be as full of adventures as this was, maybe more:


This time we won’t have Kevin along to guide us…although I have about as good of an idea about where I’m going this time as I did when I went to Denver/Minneapolis (whoops dad!)


One Response to “This sounds…is promising the word I’m looking for?”

  1. kdoran March 12, 2009 at 5:47 am #

    There’s no way it won’t be as adventurous. I can’t say anything has made me more envious in my life than reading those directions from Chris.

    Please enjoy them, and live them, and the moments that follow.

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