Iguazu Falls

9 Sep

Iguazu falls are located on the border of Brazil, Argentina, and Paraguay.  When I arrived on Saturday night and they said we were going out, I didn’t think they meant out of the country– but we actually went to a discoteca in Argentina.  While the reggaeton was a welcome surprise, all of the Spanish was not!  I spent the weekend traveling with a group of AIESEC interns  that included some Colombians, a Mexican, an Ecuadorian, etc. which had me speaking quite a bit of Spanish and Portunol.  I need to spend this week trying to switch back to pure Portuguese!

The falls:

On the lookout point it was quite windy.  Look for the rainbow on the right hand side of the photo!

This young pelirojo was standing with his twin sister [who had equally impressive red hair for a Brazilian] and his parents next to us in the entry line for the Falls, which took about an hour to get through.  While they didn’t mention anything while waiting, this young one was apparently listening to every word of our conversation because he’s in love with Americans and English.  So when I ran into his dad a few hours later near the exit he said, “You were standing next to us in line, right?! My son loves gringos, can he talk to you?!”

The son ran up to me with a big smile on his face, which quickly turned quite serious when he looked at me and said slowly: “What is your name?”  When I answered “Molly,” [which is quite confusing for Brazilians, and really all Latin Americans] he smiled and ran away.  The dad thanked me and asked me how I knew Portuguese [+1 Molly], and then bid me farewell.

You can also see the observation deck in this photo, where the previous photo was taken.

Iguazu Falls was also rocking some awesome English translations:

I think they were essentially going for:  Carry Brazil in your heart.  Now it just sounds like Brazil is punching people in the chest.

Part of me was tempted to climb over just to hear the phrase “The banisters are being overtaken, the banisters are being overtaken” yelled amongst the guards, but I resisted.

We also visited Itaipu, the largest dam in the world, while we were there:

And ended the weekend the right way, sipping Guarana [the best Brazilian soda] with orange, while listening to live music:


4 Responses to “Iguazu Falls”

  1. Cori September 9, 2010 at 9:31 pm #

    I seriously laughed outloud at the English translations. And still laughing. “Brazil is punching people in the chest.”

    Also I just bought this super nice Brazliian lotion called, Natura EKOS Andiroba. Have you heard of it?
    Love, love, love you.

  2. Teresa September 9, 2010 at 11:51 pm #


  3. Gina September 20, 2010 at 5:52 pm #



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    […] 24 Nov Translations I like (ranks up there with Take the Brazil in Chest): […]

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