Como se fala “hipster?”

17 Sep

A few nights ago I ended up at an indie bar called James in Curitiba– apparently one of the hottest dance spots in town (plenty of Lady Gaga to go around).

The Brazilians explained to me that all of the people that go to the bar are “indie,” which they actually say in English with a heavy Portuguese accent.  To which I replied, “Oh yeah, what you call ‘indie’ we would call ‘hipster‘ in the United States.

I spent a significant amount of time trying to explain what a hipster was in my broken portuguese.

After the entire explanation where I repeated the word “hipster” many times…

A Brazilian girl looked at me and said, “Wait, are you sure that’s what ‘hamster‘ means?”

If Hipster was also a new term to you, dear reader, please also visit:


One Response to “Como se fala “hipster?””

  1. Gina September 20, 2010 at 5:48 pm #


    New Ray is called God Willin and the Creek Don’t Rise and it’s fabbbbbulous. You’ll love it. Avail on Amazon and iTunes and worth every penny.

    I’d mail it to you but uh… I have bad luck with getting things to your area. Teresa’s neighbor read everything I mailed??

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