Just in Case Anyone Still Reads This…

12 Nov

And is wondering about my whereabouts…I’m still here! (But not for long)

This last week in Curitiba they had a city-wide arts/culture event called Virada Cultural that had a bunch of free concerts and other arts programming all over the city.  I saw:

-A concert by Pato Fu
-A capoeira event
-The Brazilian film Quincas Berro d’Agua, which I highly recommend if you can find a subtitled version!
-The play Divorciadas, Evangelicas e Vegetarianas, which was the hilarious story of the chance encounter of three women: one divorced, one vegetarian, and one evangelical (original script written by a Venezuelan).
-Not part of the cultural event week, but a cultural event for me nonetheless: An Umbanda Ceremony. Wikipedia says: “Umbanda is an Afro-Brazilian religion that blends African religions with Catholicism, Spiritism and many indigenous lore.”  The article makes for an interesting read, and the event made for an interesting experience.  (See video of a ceremony here)

Umbanda is believed to have grown out of the poor black population in Rio de Janeiro– however most of it’s followers today are  in the south of Brazil, and are middle-class and White.  It was interesting to observe who was in attendance– as men made their way through the crowd in business suits, brushing elbows with little old women in traditional dress.

I’m headed to the beach this weekend because we have a long weekend through Monday, so I’ll write a longer update next week! Beijos!



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