I press my ear against the ground to know the song it sings

12 Dec

Where does the time go?

No, seriously!  It’s almost Christmas and it’s blazing hot here!

Then it’ll be New Years and then I’ll only have seven months left of service…when did that happen?

Anyways, I’ve been doing lots of work at the train station lately.  They elected a neighborhood commission and have been working non-stop since.  The kids are rehearsing to put on a living nativity play (these are very popular in Paraguay, I’ll be singing in a different one with my women’s choir) and everyone’s been outside cleaning up their yards and the street.

Last Thursday I had the opening for my Ahecha students’ photography show!  I’ve been having trouble transferring photos from my camera, but I’ll hopefully find a way to do this soon.

Last week I spent a lot of time playing with kids at the train station where I taught them the Crocodile Maury hand clap game when I was really digging to the bottom of the barrel for the new American games they were requesting I teach them.

You know, that one?  Not Maury the talk show host, silly!

Crocodile Maury
Croc, croc, croc!
Hey cinco-seen-o
Cinco, cinco, sock, ock!
Hey cinco-seen-o
Malo, malo!
Malo, malo, malo, one, two, three, four!

And you all stand in a circle passing the clap, if you will, around, and if you hit your neighbor’s hand on four that person gets out.  But if they pull their hand away you get out!

Did anyone else’s childhood have that rhyme in it? Or is that from a dream?  I told all of the kids that it was about a crocodile that wanted to eat people and then the song says some of the crocodile’s nicknames.

“Pero profe, que quiere decir todas las letras?”

They weren’t buying it.  “Well, it has a few made up words in it as well.”

In my own brain: Shoot, what does that song want to say?  Are those made up words or did I make them up?  Did I mishear them…what could that rhyme possibly be about?  I need to go immediately home and get to the bottom of this.

But, I played a little more and promptly forgot about it.

When I went back a couple days later everyone was like, “Molly! We have to show you the crocodile rhyme Milena made up…she made it up because we didn’t understand your rhyme in English.” (Right there with you, kid)

So, eleven year old Milena lead us in a 14-person game of Crocodile with her rhyme…and it was AMAZING!  I honestly thought that it might have been the proudest moment of my service because her rhyme was SO good.

“Un cocodrilo se fue a nadar en el Río Paraguay…”

I’ll try and capture it on video soon.

Merry December, everyone!  Stay tuned for more posts soon, I should have news about an exciting and important fundraiser that you can help with!


One Response to “I press my ear against the ground to know the song it sings”

  1. Katia Cooper December 12, 2012 at 1:39 pm #

    I could hear your voice speaking the words as i read them and so enjoy your story and update. Sending you crisp winter air from WI along with all the family’s love to surround you. Happy Holidays Dear! Loving you BIGtimexxxxxxooooooooo!

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