Help Molly, Help Paraguay!

23 Dec

Happy Holidays everyone!

I’m currently in my twentieth month of Peace Corps service in Paraguay and lots of you have asked how you can help me or help my community while I’ve been here.  I finally have a good answer–
Please share in the journey of re-opening the old train station of Paraguari as a community and cultural center for all of its citizens.
Join me in making this happen by donating to my Peace Corps Partnership Project:  (You can also search by my last name or the project number 13-526-009 on the Donation website:
What I can guarantee you if you make a donation:
-Frequent blog updates about the status of our project
-A smile on your face
-A tax deduction!
I would be just tickled to receive a donation to my grant in lieu of a Christmas present from you 🙂  I also highly recommend donating in someone else’s honor as their Christmas present to help with all of the holiday shopping you need to get done!  Your last minute gift can make a major difference,  So, donate now!
As always. I’m free to answer any questions or just chat (y’all know how I love to chat!)  Happy Holidays and thank you from the bottom of my heart! 
Need more information? I’m currently a Peace Corps volunteer in the South American country of Paraguay, often called the heart of South America.  I live in a small town about 2.5 hours outside of the capital called Paraguari.  The fact that we have 9,000 people living in our city center actually makes it a “big city” by Paraguayan standards!  While Paraguay does enjoy access to many modern conveniences and technologies, wealth is unequally distributed, corruption is rampant and Paraguay has long remained the second poorest nation in South America after Bolivia.  Creating more public and educational spaces for youth will help train the future leaders of Paraguay.  DONATE TODAY!

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