Paraguayan Rail Map, 1952

1 Feb

Paraguay Rail 1952

Source: World Railways, 1952

What´s with all of these touchy-feely stories Molly? I want some cold, hard facts.

Ok, ok! I never have been anyone´s girl for strictly facts…I just love me a good story!  But, I understand that truths and histories have their time and place, they certainly do!

However, Paraguay is missing a lot of written history, especially in English, and especially on the internet.  Pablo (the author who was interviewed yesterday on my blog) mentioned that he´s looking to publish about his experience internationally in order to raise consciousness about the history of Paraguay.  Lots of particulars about trains, the Triple Alliance War, and just Paraguay in general are very unknown’– both inside of Paraguay and out!

Donating to projects like this train station in Paraguari will ensure that a historic space is reutilized and remains open, creating the environment and correct conditions for people to do research and preserve past histories (Surely there will be fact collectors around and visiting).

A big thank you and shout out to all of the donors so far and especially to a recent, particularly generous one.  He self-identifies as a train buff and says that he´s learned that if you don´t preserve train stations by finding a different way to use them, they´ll just get knocked down.  Closed doors means also closing the door on opportunities to rescue little bits of history floating around out there unrecorded.

Help support the preservation of these facts and these stories!


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