Growing Up Trains

11 Feb

While writing my 30 Days of Trains! blog entries I feel like I’ve been learning a lot about trains– the way they run, their history, and sub-cultures related to trains like model railroading.

Lots of people talk about the way trains influenced their childhood– inspiring a future love for model railroading, the constant chug of trains passing near their house, or Paraguayans running to the train to hear about national news.

I never thought of my own childhood as being defined by trains, but the other day I realized the trains of Waukesha made frequent cameos in my young life.


The trains were always around– causing you to arrive 8 minutes late to dance class, whizzing by covered in interesting graffiti, or seemingly always malfunctioning for extended periods before your eyes.  I can’t count on two hands the amount of times I saw a train almost pass entirely by, stall, start to reverse in slow motion, and then chug forward once again.  You were better off factoring in extra travel time for the train crossing you were bound to encounter.

In Waukesha there are also old train cars that have been remodeled into a great restaurant, La Estacion.  It’s a delicious Mexican restaurant, that to my family’s great dismay is generally too spicy for my palette.  I will admit that they do have great horchata, margaritas, and ambiance!  After spending so much time with other volunteers cooking who are seriously missing spicy food (Paraguay is lacking in the spicy department) I think I’ve been training my taste buds to fully enjoy the glory that is La Estacion by the time I’m back.  I’m sure my family will be thrilled.

How did trains affect your childhood?  Want to write a guest blog?  Let me know!

And don’t forget to donate to the train station of Paraguari!




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