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Still waiting for the snow to fall…

19 Dec

Has anyone else heard Coldplay’s new depressing sounding Christmas song?

While the song is too sad for Christmas, the lyrics: “Still waiting for the snow to fall, doesn’t really feel like Christmas at all,” encapsulate my current feelings pretty well.

Thankfully, I head home on Monday morning (to be to Goerke’s Corners at approximately 1am, should everything go perfectly– just knocked on wood) to lots of snow.  I’m excited to see lots of snow and lights because I think they’ll help me more accurately identify what time of year it is…June?  August?  Anyone?

I’m heading to the east coast with family for Christmas and New Year’s, and then I will be back to hang out in Waukesha for at least a month.

YAY CHRISTMAS! Can’t wait to be home 🙂


Different, but the Same

5 Dec

I got into Medellin on Tuesday, after leaving Brazil on Sunday night (More on that in a later wrap-up Brazil post).

I was extremely excited to see Carybeth and Teresa, and I have literally been counting down the days til my return to Medellin ever since I left in 2007.

Like almost every place you’ve ever been and then go back to, of course it’s different than you remember.  I returned to the restaurant where I had taken the perfect photo of the Medellin skyline lit up at night (that I’ve looked at every day for years as my computer background), only to find the view obscured by new high rises built right next door.  I’ve gotten to see a few great friends while I’ve been here, but also learned how many friends are currently living abroad.  The bustling streets of the Centro overwhelm me, and I can hardly remember how I managed to navigate this city with my lack of internal compass.  And sadly, my Paisa Spanish is long gone, when I open mouth all that tumbles out is awkwardly pronounced Spanish, or just plain Portuguese (Ironic, considering in Brazil it seemed that only Spanish words wanted to come out).

But peering out the window on the metro as the city flew by it all seemed very familiar, and I felt very tranquila.

Medellin will always be my first Latin American home.

Now Carybeth and I are off to the land of Shakira (Barranquilla), Parque Tayrona, and Cartagena to soak up some sun.  Fingers crossed that the out of control rain that has been sweeping the country takes a little rest (I’m sure it’s exhausted) for our viaje.

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