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Help Solidarium! Help Brazil!

21 Jan

While I was in Curitiba I worked for the microfinance section of a nonprofit that also had areas working in education/training and fair trade.  The fair trade section of the organization is called Solidarium, and they recently became finalists for the Unreasonable Institute’s Fellowship program.  The program brings fellows from all over the world to the United States for an intensive six week training, where they are also connected to mentors, investors, and a plethora of resources.  I think that Solidarium would benefit immensely from participating as a fellow– so this is where you come in! The first 25 of the 45 finalists to raise $8,000 become fellows.  However, during the first week all of the donations are limited to a maximum of $10 so that they can prove they’re able to mobilize people all over the world, and show the expanse of their network.  Let’s show Brazil they have friends and supporters all over the world!

Please consider making a donation!  You can learn more about the project and donate here: http://marketplace.unreasonableinstitute.org/ventures/view/54/
If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact me.  Please send this to anyone you think might be interested!



Just in Case Anyone Still Reads This…

12 Nov

And is wondering about my whereabouts…I’m still here! (But not for long)

This last week in Curitiba they had a city-wide arts/culture event called Virada Cultural that had a bunch of free concerts and other arts programming all over the city.  I saw:

-A concert by Pato Fu
-A capoeira event
-The Brazilian film Quincas Berro d’Agua, which I highly recommend if you can find a subtitled version!
-The play Divorciadas, Evangelicas e Vegetarianas, which was the hilarious story of the chance encounter of three women: one divorced, one vegetarian, and one evangelical (original script written by a Venezuelan).
-Not part of the cultural event week, but a cultural event for me nonetheless: An Umbanda Ceremony. Wikipedia says: “Umbanda is an Afro-Brazilian religion that blends African religions with Catholicism, Spiritism and many indigenous lore.”  The article makes for an interesting read, and the event made for an interesting experience.  (See video of a ceremony here)

Umbanda is believed to have grown out of the poor black population in Rio de Janeiro– however most of it’s followers today are  in the south of Brazil, and are middle-class and White.  It was interesting to observe who was in attendance– as men made their way through the crowd in business suits, brushing elbows with little old women in traditional dress.

I’m headed to the beach this weekend because we have a long weekend through Monday, so I’ll write a longer update next week! Beijos!


Wall Art of the Week #7

3 Nov

This wall art was found in Largo da Ordem, the pedestrian street in downtown Curitiba.  I like the wall art, but I especially like the door, and the fact that a dove (albino pigeon) is popping it’s head out of the top of the door.

Rain, Rain Go Away

7 Oct

What’s that? You’re not ready to leave?  Ok, then I will!

I’m hopping on a bus tonight to Ilha Grande to meet my friend Emily and to thaw out for the long weekend.

Here’s hoping that there’s hot and sunny weather the whole time I’m in Ilha Grande…

…and that by the time I’m back in Curitiba the Gods of Summer will decide that sitting in wet/rainy clothes all day at work, $3 flimsy umbrellas, and being chilled to the bone without the relief of Central heating, are a thing of the past here, too.

Wall Art of the Week #6 (ok, street art)

25 Sep

On my way to work on Friday I was intrigued by the people standing around the crosswalk with a video camera, but crossed on the other side of the street so as not to get in the way.

On my way home I saw this in the crosswalk:

Turns out it was a city-wide public art project, and crosswalks everywhere were being painted!  I even found a video of this specific crosswalk being painted.

Also, here’s a view of the plaza I have to walk through every day on my home from work…kinda cute, no?

September showers bring…October flowers?

25 Sep

Just searched for the 10 day Curitiba forecast, and to my dismay, this is what appeared:

September 21st was supposedly the first official day of spring here…which I was anticipating with open arms!  However, in my mind I was going to be frolicking through daisy fields with warm sun on my back…not wading through knee-deep puddles [last night there were definitely flash-flood conditions around these parts].  I didn’t think the sayings “April showers bring May flowers,” or “In like a lion, out like a lamb” were capable of transcending international boundaries and hemispheric seasonal zones.  I mean, this is Brazil, I’m supposed to be on a beach, right?

I think it’s time I buy an umbrella.

Como se fala “hipster?”

17 Sep

A few nights ago I ended up at an indie bar called James in Curitiba– apparently one of the hottest dance spots in town (plenty of Lady Gaga to go around).

The Brazilians explained to me that all of the people that go to the bar are “indie,” which they actually say in English with a heavy Portuguese accent.  To which I replied, “Oh yeah, what you call ‘indie’ we would call ‘hipster‘ in the United States.

I spent a significant amount of time trying to explain what a hipster was in my broken portuguese.

After the entire explanation where I repeated the word “hipster” many times…

A Brazilian girl looked at me and said, “Wait, are you sure that’s what ‘hamster‘ means?”

If Hipster was also a new term to you, dear reader, please also visit:

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