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Cloudy With a Chance of…a Marriage Proposal?

14 Oct

I got back from Ilha Grande early on Tuesday morning (See: photos of the tropical paradise below).  Unfortunately, for an accurate representation of what it looked like while I was there you will need to go ahead and import that photo into PhotoShop and apply a Gray/Cloudy filter to the entire photo at approximately a 60% opacity.

Okay, I’m being melodramatic, but I wanted the beach to be so sunny that I would sweat while just sitting there (that’s how desperate for warmth I was).  We only had one day of semi-sun, and the rest were cloudy/rainy.  It was still great to see my friend Emily, meet lots of great people at the hostel, snorkel and see the island!

Oh yeah, and a 65 year old Brazilian man proposed to me at the bus station while I had a 2.5 hour layover in a small city called Volta Redonda.

This Brazilian man overheard me asking if there was an internet cafe near to the bus station and gets a huge smile on his face, points at me and says “You’re German!” (like always)

“No, I’m American.”

“YOU’RE AMERICAN?!  I love the United States, I lived there from 1971-1975 and I learned English (and apparently that was also the last time he practiced his English) I LOVE American music.”  He proceeded to serenade me quite loudly with lots of classics, garnering the most attention from the Bus Station crowd as he sang “When I fall in love, it will be forever” to me.

This situation continued to unfold for the next hour (since he wouldn’t leave me alone), so I’ll spare you the details and just include the highlights reel:

1. Walking into the waiting area of the bus station that was full of Brazilians watching the soccer game he begins to yell in English, “This is my American sister, she does not speak Portuguese!!!”

2. He watches me buy my ticket (and pays attention to what time my bus is leaving) and then accuses the man that is selling me the ticket of being in love with me, making a scene, since the man selling the ticket [at that point] had spoken no words to me.

3. He asked me if I believed in reincarnation, and told me that I definitely should because I was the reincarnation of Grace Kelly.

4. Told me that while I might think that love between me and him wouldn’t work, it would– justifying it with a long tale of love between a monkey and an elephant, and how the entire animal kingdom thought it wouldn’t work because they were so different in size, but in the end they realized it was love all the same.  Apparently he was taken aback by my height more than the fact that I am 43 years younger than him.

5. After talking to me for about an hour in the bus terminal he told me had to leave to take his 98 year old mother somewhere, but that he would be back.  I took this opportunity to run into the back of the terminal restaurant and hide.  As my departure time neared I scanned the crowd and saw that the coast was clear….

…that is until I was waiting to put my backpack underneath the bus and he came back!  With flowers, a pen, and a Reader’s Digest from 1966 to give to me as a present.


He repeated over and over again that he was in love with me even though I was too young for him, that I had to call him to tell him I arrived safely in Curitiba, and that he could come and meet me there on the next bus out.  He followed me onto the bus [where all of the passengers are watching intently] to ask me to marry him and the bus erupted in cheers.  I was just laughing so hard during this whole ordeal, and I think I kept covering my face with my hands.  Finally the bus driver made him leave, and as if a scene from a movie, he continued to yell his phone number out to me as the bus slowly pulled away.

I know my extended family is counting down the days until we all have another wedding to go to [because we love weddings], but I’m happy to report that it won’t be mine.


Rain, Rain Go Away

7 Oct

What’s that? You’re not ready to leave?  Ok, then I will!

I’m hopping on a bus tonight to Ilha Grande to meet my friend Emily and to thaw out for the long weekend.

Here’s hoping that there’s hot and sunny weather the whole time I’m in Ilha Grande…

…and that by the time I’m back in Curitiba the Gods of Summer will decide that sitting in wet/rainy clothes all day at work, $3 flimsy umbrellas, and being chilled to the bone without the relief of Central heating, are a thing of the past here, too.

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