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The No-Pants Dilemma/It’s still winter in Brazil

8 Sep

This morning I got back from my overnight bus back from Iguazu Falls at 6:30 am.  Thinking I was clever while in a half-awake state, I took all of my clothes out of my backpack and threw them right in the wash.  I awoke around lunch time to hang all of my clothes on the line to dry, when I realized that the only three pairs of pants I have here were now soaking wet [as well as most of my other acceptable looking clothing].  I wasn’t too worried as I didn’t have anywhere pressing to be– until I realized that I had no food or drinking water in my apartment [can’t drink out of the tap– just take my word on that].  So, suddenly the grocery store was quite the pressing place to be.

I lallygagged* around and thought about my options while talking to Carybeth on Gchat:

4:03 PM Carybeth: no pants is quite an obstacle to conquering no food
4:05 PM me: bahaha, I’ve realized

So my options were:
A) Stay in my apartment and not eat or drink until my pants dry [sometime tomorrow]
B) Put on wet pants and risk leaving a trail of drip marks through the exit hallway of my apartment
C) Put on ridiculous looking, weather-inappropriate clothing and risk being gawked at by Brazilians

I went ahead and came to terms with option C– no matter what I’m wearing/doing I usually look a bit out of place.

So I stepped into the brisk 57 degree afternoon with a pair of sandals, a skirt, a sweater, and my head held semi-high [let’s face it, I’m already tall enough].  As I walked past Brazilians in their winter coats and snow boots I thought about how I can’t wait for summer here to start, and how next time I’ll do a better job packing!

*Who honestly knew that “lallygagged” was spelled that way?  It’s always appeared as lolligagging in my mind.

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