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The Joys of Internet Cafes

2 Mar

When trying to copy and paste a youtube link to my brother, this is what pasted instead:

Mirage Island is an invisble Island located on Route 130. Most of the time it will be invisible but on rare cases, the island will be visible. To find out if the island is there or not, go to Pacifidlog Town and talk to the old man in the bottom right house looking out the window. He will tell you wheter the island is there or not. The cause is unknown so a bit of luck is needed to find it. On the island you will find the rare Leichi Berry that powers up your Pokemon’s attack in battle when it gets weak. In the grass, you will only find Wild Wynaut

I´m mainly writing this here so I can read it in 50 years and smile as much as I´m smiling right now.

Speaking of Pokemon, there are Urban Tribes here, did I tell you that?  You can read an article about Pokemones here.

My roommate from New York left on Saturday.  There is a Chilean woman and a Brazilian girl moving in within the next 2 weeks.  I´ll be the only gringa left, which will be excellent for my Spanish!

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