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Overheard during a Peace Corps service

8 May

I’ve spent the last few days digging through all of my things to figure out which ones need to come home with me.  I’m heading home for a short bit now and I’m attempting to bring all of the important things in order to lighten my load in August.

I like to jot down quotes that I think are interesting or funny and the following ones I found scribbled into open spaces of the agenda I used last year during PC:

“When the capitalism of you all comes crashing down it will all come back to this [motions to field of cows].  We’ll remember that work needs to be done with our hands and our heart.” -Argentine film maker

“Do you guys struggle with this?  I can’t get them to call me when the cows are giving birth…I even give my host brother money for his phone every week and he still doesn’t call.” -Herre

“It’s very easy to write articles and to critique, but I want to see you in the dance.” -Minister of Education

“Victimization gives us the power to have no power.” -Teleton speaker

“If we do not find ourselves to be part of the problem it would be impossible for us to find ourselves as part of the solution.” -Sebastian Acha, politician

“So, that’s the question. Do we walk off the edge of the cliff just to know how it feels to hit rock bottom?  …Yeah…yeah, I think we do, it builds character.” -Groupmate

“Never going to give it up,
Nor will I stop fighting,
We are going to change– the world!

Paraguay is my passion,
and for that reason,
We are going to build hope.” -Some song lyrics I re-wrote to Rick Astley’s Never Gonna Give You Up for a national youth leadership camp…I swear it rhymes in Spanish.

Start where you are,
Do what you can,
With what you have.
-Quote that was translated for leadership camp

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