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Rain, Rain Go Away

7 Oct

What’s that? You’re not ready to leave?  Ok, then I will!

I’m hopping on a bus tonight to Ilha Grande to meet my friend Emily and to thaw out for the long weekend.

Here’s hoping that there’s hot and sunny weather the whole time I’m in Ilha Grande…

…and that by the time I’m back in Curitiba the Gods of Summer will decide that sitting in wet/rainy clothes all day at work, $3 flimsy umbrellas, and being chilled to the bone without the relief of Central heating, are a thing of the past here, too.


September showers bring…October flowers?

25 Sep

Just searched for the 10 day Curitiba forecast, and to my dismay, this is what appeared:

September 21st was supposedly the first official day of spring here…which I was anticipating with open arms!  However, in my mind I was going to be frolicking through daisy fields with warm sun on my back…not wading through knee-deep puddles [last night there were definitely flash-flood conditions around these parts].  I didn’t think the sayings “April showers bring May flowers,” or “In like a lion, out like a lamb” were capable of transcending international boundaries and hemispheric seasonal zones.  I mean, this is Brazil, I’m supposed to be on a beach, right?

I think it’s time I buy an umbrella.

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