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Wall Art of the Week #8

24 Nov

This was found outside of the Vila Madalena Metro Station in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

“More Love, Please” (It rhymes in Portuguese)


Wall Art of the Week #7

3 Nov

This wall art was found in Largo da Ordem, the pedestrian street in downtown Curitiba.  I like the wall art, but I especially like the door, and the fact that a dove (albino pigeon) is popping it’s head out of the top of the door.

Wall Art of the Week #6 (ok, street art)

25 Sep

On my way to work on Friday I was intrigued by the people standing around the crosswalk with a video camera, but crossed on the other side of the street so as not to get in the way.

On my way home I saw this in the crosswalk:

Turns out it was a city-wide public art project, and crosswalks everywhere were being painted!  I even found a video of this specific crosswalk being painted.

Also, here’s a view of the plaza I have to walk through every day on my home from work…kinda cute, no?

Wall Art of the Week #4

2 Sep

When I was in Santiago I started doing a Wall Art of the Week posting on my blog…but I only made it to Week 3.  Unfortunately, I still can’t promise a weekly post, but the alliteration is just too good for me to change it to Wall Art of When I Find Something Beautiful and Remember to Post It.  So here I am, picking up at Week 4:

“Quando nasce um filho, nasce uma mãe” —
“When a child is born, a mother is born”

Shout out to my cousin Kristen and her little fishbowl. 🙂

Unfortunately, I will have to temporarily retire Fabulous ‘Do of the Week until I once again make my way to a location that has ridiculous hairstyles.

[This wall art was found in Sao Paulo, Brazil; photo credit: Emily]

Wall Art of the Week # 3

19 Mar

Valdivia, Chile

Wall Art of the Week #2

11 Mar

Sin Fronteras

This photo was taken in Valparaiso somewhere around Cerro Alegre.  I took it as a shout out to Dignidad Sin Fronteras, the theater troup I worked with last semester.

Wall Art of the Week #1

3 Mar

When we were walking downtown exploring in our first couple days we walked past this mural as it was being painted!  It’s painted on a temporary wooden wall they put up in front of a building that burned down, it’s located across the street from Casa Central, one of the campuses of La Catolica.

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